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2013 Colorado Wildfires

According to Wikipedia, the summer of 2013 saw 11 major wildfires in Colorado. Now that the wildfire season is over, it’s time to take stock of what was lost. Using Didger 5’s Vectorize Image tool with individual fire maps from a variety of online resources (mainly Inciweb, Wikipedia, and, a Google Earth file of the extents of all 11 of fires was created, detailing each of the 147,000+ acres that were destroyed.


To open the file:

1.       Download the 2013 Colorado file and then unzip the contents.

2.       Double click on the 2013 Colorado Wildfires.KML file to open it in Google Earth.

Now you can zoom in to any of the partially-transparent red areas to view the extents of each fire in great detail, and you can click on each area to see a popup appear with the name of the fire and the total number of acres that fire destroyed.





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Friday, 25 May 2018

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