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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I've been part of the Golden Software team since 2008. Colorado School of Mines is my alma mater (Go Orediggers!) where I earned a degree in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Economics/Business. I must say, I'm very proud of my CSM hardhat and whitewashed rock! When I'm not here in the office, I can typically be found hanging around the beautiful Golden area with my family.

Customer Spotlight: The Velenje Coal Mine Benefits From Strater

Customer Spotlight: The Velenje Coal Mine Benefits From Strater

The Velenje Coal Mine operates on the largest Slovenian coal deposit and on one of the thickest known coal layers in the world. In 137 years of operation of the coal mine, more than 225 million tonnes of lignite have been extracted from the lignite layers, which are up to 165 m in thickness.

We use Strater for producing our reports of completed wells. Our reports are comprehensive text reports with graphics produced with Strater. We gather data for Strater from a database of wells. We create many template files, each with a different look, for different types of graphical reports. With Strater, we can also create cross sections from our exploitation field to represent different geological data.

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Try Golden's Software's Free & Easy File Conversion Software

Try Golden's Software's Free & Easy File Conversion Software

File format incompatibility is an all too common problem in any industry. Many of us are familiar with the pains of inheriting a project only to learn we no longer have access to the software that originally created the project files! It typically doesn’t make sense to go out and purchase the missing software just to open the files and save in a different format.

Our free new file converter is specifically designed to address problems such as these. Created for users in the geosciences industry, the file converter operates in an easy-to-access web browser environment. There’s no need to download and install a program, just bookmark the webpage and you’re good to go. The file converter allows quick and secure conversion of image, vector, and grid files to numerous other file types. A small handful of the available conversions are listed below. For a complete list, see here.

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Golden Software's Adventures in Yellowstone

For the past thirty-plus years, Golden Software's founders, Pat Madison and Dan Smith, have loaded up their backpacks and trekked out into the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park for a backpacking excursion. Five years ago the backpacking invitation was extended to me, and I have tagged along through sunshine, rain, sleet, and snow, across meadows and rivers, and over mountains and downed trees ever since.

Pat Madison and Dan Smith on their 1990 Yellowstone trip.

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Verifying Reported Statistics with Grapher

I recently read about the decreasing gender wage gap for newly graduated college students in an article on the Liberty Street Economics, the blog of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In the article, there is a statement that “among recent college graduates, men earn about 3 percent more than women overall” but that the gap “widens significantly as workers approach mid-career”. The article summarizes this mid-career group of individuals, where they find that “men earn about 15 percent more than women.” Being the inquisitive person that I am, I wondered how these statements could be made – what evidence was there supporting these statements? I could have taken the table on their blog and calculated a quick mathematical average using a spreadsheet program. But, the table only included a sub-section of the full data being used and the data was already in statistical summaries instead of original polling numbers. I decided to find some raw data and create some graphs that would allow me to perform some analysis myself.

Much data is available for download and analysis from the US Census Bureau. This data can be downloaded and edited. It can then be used for graphing or mapping in many Golden Software programs. The data can also be used for analysis, such as creating statistics, comparing values, or providing supporting evidence for other statistics. In this case, I thought some simple bar charts for various populations would help support or overthrow the claims of the decreasing gender wage gap in young workers.

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Golden Software Introduces Live, Hands-On Training!

Since its founding, Golden Software has been committed to providing customers with the best and most accessible technical support. We have provided a variety of technical support resources including live support via phone, email, and live chat, online resources via the forums, knowledgebase, and website, and in-program support via the help documentation, quick start guides, and full user manuals. Last week marked the introduction of a new method of support in the form of a live, hands-on training class.

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