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MapViewer 8 New Feature Series: New Graph Types

MapViewer 8 New Feature Series: New Graph Types

To celebrate the release of MapViewer 8, I'm going to be writing a series of blog posts to highlight what's new in MapViewer! This week will focus on new map types and options that are available-- the multi-graph map, contiguous cartogram map, proportional pin map, bivariate symbol map, and base maps from online servers.

Multi-graph map

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Jennifer Woodson
Hi John, The multi-graph map will only create a line or scatter plot. However, MapViewer 8 has a bar map that can create a bar ch... Read More
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 12:04
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MapViewer 8 has Arrived!

MapViewer 8 has Arrived!


Golden Software is excited to announce the release of MapViewer 8, our thematic mapping software! MapViewer 8 boasts many enhancements, including new map types, increased file compatibility, the ability to download base maps from online servers, enhanced querying functionality, a brand new user interface and much more! Download the free demo today to see MapViewer 8's new look and try out all the new features with your data.

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