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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I am a mother of two who has lived in the Golden area of Colorado since attending college at Colorado School of Mines. I graduated in 2010 with a B.S. in Geophysics, and again in 2012 with an M.S. in Geophysics. I began working for Golden Software in January of 2012 as a technical support engineer. Shortly thereafter, I moved into the role of Product Manager for MapViewer and Strater. Recently, I have taken on the additional role of Product Manager for our new online file converter. As a side project here, I host and organize our monthly webinars.

Tyson Foods using ice cream parlor locations to expand market to India

I read an interesting article recently in The Denver Post about how Tyson Foods, maker of various meat products, is expanding their market into China and India. Since consumers there are more accustomed to buying fresh (i.e. still warm) meat at the local market, Tyson is adding QR codes to their packing to tell consumers where the meat was processed and when it arrived in the store cooler, to give more trust in their product. Because Tyson requires refrigeration for their products, the article mentioned that Tyson is investigating locations in India that have ice cream shops. The cold-storage capacity that these sites offer, which is apparently difficult to find, would make the site a potential expansion site for Tyson.

I thought this was a very interesting idea, and thought that combining these locations with population information would present the clearest picture of good market locations. It turns out there are more ice cream shops in India than I had guessed there would be, but I have created such a map for the southern tip of the country. This contour map created in MapViewer 8 uses colors to show population and points to show ice cream shop locations.

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Visualizing Iowa Caucus Results Using Grapher 12

With 2016 being a presidential election year, it’s hard not to be at least tangentially aware of what’s going on with United States politics. I’ve voted in every presidential election (and most local elections) that I have been able to vote in, but I’ve never considered myself a particularly political person. Now that I have children, that has changed a little. You’ll still never see me at a party convention, and you won’t catch me watching debates on TV, but I’m very concerned over how this country will be run, so I will definitely do my homework before casting my vote in November.

On Tuesday March 1st, Colorado held its Republican and Democratic caucuses. From what I could see as I drove past the venue for one of these, the turnout was pretty good. Although the results are not in yet for the Republican caucus, the Democratic caucus resulted in a win for Bernie Sanders. This wasn’t the first state to hold a caucus though. The Iowa caucus, at the beginning of February, is the first caucus each election year. With more time since the numbers came in, there has been more chance to break apart the votes into categories like sex, age, and education level. I know that one caucus isn’t any indicator of how the party nominations or the election will turn out, but I still think it’s interesting to look at the numbers since this is the first chance voters have to pick a candidate. Thus, without further adieu, here are the Iowa caucus results broken out by sex, age, and education level.

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Fun Personal Uses of Golden Software Products for Geo-Nerds

We here at Golden Software are geo-nerds (or geo-geeks, if you prefer). We really are passionate about maps and map-making, both on the job and in our free time. I’m not saying I’m a workaholic, but it’s hard to separate work from home when you love what you do! As such, I was very excited to show my kids the books listed in the 15 Picture Books That Support Children’s Spatial Skills Development article (in case you’re wondering, our favorites were Shrinking Mouse, Big Bug, and You Are (Not) Small).

I also often think of uses for our software in my personal life. One project I have ‘on the books’, so to speak, is mapping out our unfinished basement in Surfer, so we can design a finished product in order to procure a building permit. Another work-in-progress is a MapViewer pin map with locations and attributes for each of the playgrounds that we’ve visited locally. A project I have recently completed is designing a play area for my kids. We live in an HOA neighborhood, so everything outside belongs to the HOA, and we need to get approval to put or build anything out there. Since our patio is too small for a playground and we have some space that’s hidden from the road between our garage and our house, I thought I would get approval to build a sandbox there that we can put a slide in and perhaps add a swing set to later. Here is the result:

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Customer Spotlight: Geoff Bogie Uses MapViewer To Look For Missing Flight

Golden Software customers possess a broad assortment of backgrounds from earth science and engineering to education and politics. This vast background results in a variety of uses for Golden Software’s products. Each customer uses the software in a unique way, and we are pleased to share these stories. This newsletter features Geoff Bogie, of Alice Springs Resources, NT, Australia, who used MapViewer to propose a new search site for missing Malaysian Flight MH370 after finding variables within a seabed area that formulate an anomaly zone.

Saturday March 8, 12:41AM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 departs on schedule for a flight to Beijing. At 1:19 they make contact with air-traffic control. Everything seems normal. That is the last contact they will make. At 2:15 military radar loses track of them, having made a sharp turn to the west instead of following their designed trajectory north, and at 8:11 a final satellite communication puts the plane somewhere due west of Australia on what is now being called the ‘7th Arc’. Thousands upon thousands of square miles of ocean have been searched, but nothing has been found. Theories abound that someone took control of the plane 1 hour into the flight and that the plane was on autopilot when it crashed, but the only thing that is known for sure is that 239 passengers and crew vanished that day.

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A Graphical Look at New Year's Resolutions

Each year, like clockwork, on January 1st millions of people take a long, hard (or maybe not-so long and hard) look at their lives and plan out their goals. I’m a list-maker and planner by nature, but I had never been into making New Year’s resolutions before I began working at Golden Software. All the statistics point to a system that is designed to fail. I heard on the radio recently that 75% of New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first 24 hours. Now, I don’t know about that, but it did get me thinking about the numbers behind New Year’s resolutions, and why the success rate was so low.

New Year’s resolutions by the numbers. These Grapher 11 graphs show the types and specific resolutions people make, what percentage of Americans make and keep their resolutions, and the percentage of resolutions that are kept over the first six months of the year. Data from and using our unique graphing software.

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