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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I am a mother of two who has lived in the Golden area of Colorado since attending college at Colorado School of Mines. I graduated in 2010 with a B.S. in Geophysics, and again in 2012 with an M.S. in Geophysics. I began working for Golden Software in January of 2012 as a technical support engineer. Shortly thereafter, I moved into the role of Product Manager for MapViewer and Strater. Recently, I have taken on the additional role of Product Manager for our new online file converter. As a side project here, I host and organize our monthly webinars.

An Inside Look at Golden Software's Webinar History

In May of 2012, I had been working for Golden Software for 5 months and was starting to get the hang of my duties, when I was offered a new challenge; I was asked to spearhead efforts to get a monthly webinar started. As such a customer-centric company, this new endeavor made sense in many ways. Not only did it offer an additional way to get customers the support they needed, but it provided a new, interactive means of getting information to our customers and getting immediate feedback. I had never even attended a webinar, but I was ready to take on the challenge.

After a good deal of research, we were off and running. The more webinars we hosted, the more we learned about what topics our users responded to, when they wanted to view the webinars, and various other factors that went into the process, and the more I personally learned the ins-and-outs of the webinar process. As host, I schedule the webinars, send out webinar emails, start and end the webinar as well as field questions during the webinar, edit and post the webinar recording, and interact with users the whole way through. It's a rewarding experience.

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This day in history: Vanuatu joins the U.N.

This day in history: Vanuatu joins the U.N.

This day in history, in 1981, the island nation of Vanuatu joined the United Nations. In honor of this, I've created the above graphic, using both our MapViewer 8 thematic mapping software and our Grapher 11 graphing software to show when each country joined the United Nations, and how the organization grew over time. Congratulations Vanuatu!

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