By Blakelee Mills on Monday, 07 March 2016
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Beta Tester Feedback on the Latest Release of Our 2D & 3D Graphing Program – Grapher™ 12

Prior to any release, our software undergoes a rigorous 6 week external testing period. This testing period, referred to as Beta Testing, gives a select group of Grapher customers an opportunity to provide their input on the new features and to test the functionality in their everyday use of the product. These individuals are extremely important to the final release as their input and testing ensures we have a stable and upgrade-worthy product.

During the Grapher 12 Beta Testing period, 20 individuals completed the testing period. Below are their comments on the newest set of Grapher features.

Grapher product manager, Sabrina Pearson, commented on Beta Testing, “It was a pretty smooth beta testing period. Probably the biggest surprise was around the colour mapping feature. I thought I had tested every piece of functionality involved, but the Beta Testers used it in many other ways I had not considered. They provided a number of improvement requests which we were able to implement and Grapher is even better!”

During the Beta Testing period, we also hold a graphics competition. Participants submit images they create while testing Grapher 12 and are entered to win a prize. Below are the first and second place winners for the Grapher 12 graphics competition.

First place winner. Line plot of temperatures, salinity and density of the Central Laborador Sea. Image courtesy of Igor Yashayaev of the Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Second place winner. Graph of experimental results and interpretation for mercury injection porosimetry of a rock sample. Image courtesy of Andrey Kazak of Schlumberger Moscow Research Center.

Runner up. Line/scatter plot displaying the subduction profile of the Cocos Plate under the Caribbean Plate at Northern Costa Rica. Image submitted by Albert Vargas.

From all of us at Golden Software, thank you Beta Testers for your valuable feedback! If you are interested in future Beta Testing opportunities, contact

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