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Check Out the New and Improved Strater 3 and Voxler 3

Golden Software is proud to announce the release of Strater 3 and Voxler 3! Strater 3, our well log, borehole, and cross section plotting application, and Voxler 3, our 3D visualization and graphics application, have both been enhanced to offer new and improved solutions for your geotechnical, geophysical, and environmental needs. Use Strater 3 for all your well log, borehole, and cross section needs Strater 3's big new feature is the ability to create location maps and true cross sections of your wells and boreholes.  You can display the X,Y location of your wells and boreholes in plain view, and then have the ability to enhance your map by adding additional base layers from SHP files, DXF files, and georeferenced aerial imagery. Use Strater 3's new Well Selector tool to select the wells from your map and then allow Strater to build a true cross section from your selection line. Cross sections have never been easier to create, and are fully customizable in Strater 3, with the ability to reshape contacts, add well headers, toggle layers on and off, hang cross section on a selected datum such as average sea level or a marker bed, and export your Strater 3 cross section to Voxler 3 for true 3D visualization.    
Use Strater 3's Export to Voxler command to view your cross section in true 3D in Voxler 3.
Cross Section imported into Voxler from Strater     Strater 3 has included two new log types, Tadpole Logs and Function Logs. Tadpole logs Use Strater 3 for all your well log, borehole, and cross section needsallow you to visualize strike and dip of the bedding planes, fractures, and other geologic structures by plotting symbols at depth showing both dip and dip direction. Function logs allow you to combine multiple log variables into one single log using a mathematical equation. In addition to new log types, you can now display your logs in Strater 3 at either measured depth or true vertical depth. Strater 3 calculates true vertical depth from your well's azimuth and inclination data, and is equipped with 5 different true depth calculations to fit the specific situation of your well or borehole.

Use international fonts and take advantage of increased memory handling with Strater 3's new Unicode support and 64 bit compatibility! Strater 3 now allows for batch exporting of multiple logs and allows you to export your logs to an LAS file.

Display your straight and deviated well paths in true 3D with Voxler 3.
Use Voxler 3 to visualize your 3D data with the newly added well render module

Voxler 3's new big feature is the ability to render and display straight and deviated well bores based on well data, with the option to render from/to data and log data along the well path. You can now drape georeferenced aerial imagery over a HeightField module and drape contours over a Surfer GRD in Voxler 3. The newly added FaceRender model allows you to display voxel-based geological data in a block style model. In addtion, Voxler 3 now allows you to label your scatter plot, with the ability to uniformly offset the labels and set the label frequency.

Overlay georeferenced imagery to your HeightField in Voxler 3 to add stunning detail to your 3D model.
Use Voxler 3 to visualize your 3D data with the newly added well render module  
Voxler's new tabbed Property Manager makes editing your features in Voxler easy.
Use Voxler 3 to visualize your 3D data with the newly added well render module In addition to new features, Voxler 3 has made some excellent improvement on its existing features. We have enhanced the vertical exaggeration feature, making it easier for users to modify the vertical scaling of a 3D model. Voxler 3 has added tabbed pages to the Property Manager, making feature property modification easier and more organized, as well as giving Voxler a more consistent feel with the Golden Software product line. We have also increased Voxler 3's compatibility with geotechnical and geologic modeling software by adding increased data format support to include; full XLSX support, ER Mapper's ECW import support, LAS import support and ZMAP and CPS3 grid support.
Display your voxel-based data in Voxler 3 using the new FaceRender module.
Display your voxel-based data in Voxler 3 using the new FaceRender module.   Strater 3 is now available for $449 US and is just $149 US for upgrade, and Voxler 3 is $479 US and $159 US for upgrade, and both can be purchased directly from our secure online order form.    


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Monday, 20 February 2017

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