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Customer Spotlight: The Velenje Coal Mine Benefits From Strater

The Velenje Coal Mine operates on the largest Slovenian coal deposit and on one of the thickest known coal layers in the world. In 137 years of operation of the coal mine, more than 225 million tonnes of lignite have been extracted from the lignite layers, which are up to 165 m in thickness.

We use Strater for producing our reports of completed wells. Our reports are comprehensive text reports with graphics produced with Strater. We gather data for Strater from a database of wells. We create many template files, each with a different look, for different types of graphical reports. With Strater, we can also create cross sections from our exploitation field to represent different geological data.





Create many different types of borehole logs with Strater.
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History of the Velenje Coal Mine

The first mention of the deposits dates back to the 18th century, the first drillings were recorded in 1875 and the first opening of a mine in 1887. Already in the year 1905, the first lignite-fired thermal power plant was built near the coal mine. Coal production in the Šaleška dolina valley was at its peak after the World War II when the demand for coal increased exponentially.

The quantities of the produced coal kept increasing until mid-1990s. During this period, the Velenje Coal Mine provided more than three quarters of the entire amount of Slovenian coal. Modern mechanisation and their own mining method were barely sufficient to satisfy the entire demand for coal. In mid-1980, the Velenje Coal Mine reached the peak of annual production of coal, i.e. 5 million tonne.

The principal activity of the company is coal production. Other activities: mining, mechanical and electrical design of underground facilities and opencast mining, production of all types of underground facilities, drilling, geomechanical research, mine surveying, hydrogeological and technological services, education services.

In the year 1947, the Velenje Coal Mine introduced the Velenje mining method as a result of years of work of numerous mining experts. The method is still being developed and improved, predominantly in the sense of increase of production from one coal face, utilisation rate of the layer, employee safety, humanisation of work and economy. Thanks to its specific properties and high productivity, the method is globally known as the "Velenje mining method". The Velenje mining method is an internationally protected patent that has been proven to be the most effective method for extracting thick coal seams.

The specialty of the Velenje mining method is the procedure introduced in the last decade: the procedure of controlled winning of roof coal by "pouring" over roof supports into the Longwall chain conveyor which provides very high production capacity with an extremely high level of safety and great economy. Current mining results are comparable with the top results in Europe. The Velenje mining method was the reason for the award presented in 2007 to the company Premogovnik Velenje by the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers: an award for innovation and innovative approach in engineering business.

The technological progress in the Velenje Coal Mine offers good opportunities for economic cooperation with other countries; particularly where there is a need for introduction of new technologies (cooperation with coal mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, India, Asia-Pacific region). To these markets they bring knowledge, experience, equipment, programs, etc.

During the 137-year history of operation, the Velenje Coal Mine Group has developed, besides coal production, numerous other activities - both within the main company and in the associated companies. Today, these activities comprise a wide range of products and services through which the entire group expands its business operations. The Premogovnik Velenje Group employs numerous co-workers of different professions, with great experience and knowledge, which provide a guarantee that the sales program of the companies are of truly good quality and directed to the needs and desires of a wide range of customers.



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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

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26 July 2016
Real Life Applications

We are pleased to present another story detailing the application of Surfer in the industry.

This story comes from former Golden Software team member, Jared King, who now works as a hydrogeologist for Knight Piésold. Mr. King and the Knight Piésold team were tasked to characterize groundwater resources for a potential mining area. An important component of the mining process, water is used for mineral processing, metal recovery, dust mitigation, and the basic needs for on-site workers. Even more importantly, a thorough understanding of groundwater resources is a major factor in understanding the environmental impact of the mine on those resources.

Read on to learn more about the groundwater characterization project for a decommissioned gold and silver mine: Modeling Groundwater Resources in Surfer

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27 June 2016

Today marks another exciting day in Golden Software history with the latest release of Strater. Strater is an intuitive subsurface visualization program designed to display a wide variety of well log, borehole, and cross section data.

Strater - Borehole, well log, cross section plotting software: Strater's log types
All fifteen log types available in Strater.

Introduced in 2004, Strater is a leading competitor in subsurface modeling software. Designed for geoscientists and engineers, Strater converts geotechnical, geophysical, environmental, and mining data from a wide variety of file formats into 15 different log types, borehole models, and cross section views. Strater offers unsurpassed flexibility in design and layout of the log and cross section displays. Virtually every aspect of Strater’s plot is customizable, allowing users to quickly and easily create publication-quality reports.

The most popular new feature in Strater 5 is raster log support. Users can create both registered and unregistered raster logs. Paper logs can be viewed as digital raster logs, and unregistered raster logs can be depth-registered with the dynamic depth-registration tool. Additionally, raster logs can be used to create cross sections. Strater’s other log types include line/symbol, bar, zone bar, lithology, post, classed post, complex text, percentage, crossplot, well construction, graphic, depth, tadpole, and function logs.

“[Registered raster logs] is great addition to Strater's functionality. I used it to add optical televiewer images to logs and it worked well. It'll also be really valuable in adding scans of legacy logs to new documents.”

John Vanderlaan, Prism Geoimaging, Inc.

The already powerful cross sections have experienced a number of in-demand enhancements. Automatically create cross sections from specified boreholes, and easily update the plot with new information by adding and deleting wells from an existing cross section. Other cross section features include deviated display for line/symbol log cross sections, the ability to draw layer lines horizontally across the width of the well track, and the option to flip the horizontal scale bar.

Strater - borehole, well log, cross section plotting software
This plot combines a variety of features including a cross section view, map view, legend, and water levels. Courtesy of Enviro Sense, LLC.

Understand the horizontal orientation of your borehole locations with Strater’s map view. Enhance this top-down view with georeferenced imagery and include traces for deviated or inclined well paths. Finally, connect the boreholes in the map to automatically create a cross section.

Strater 5 also features extensive customization options. Include project information in headers and footers, create detailed legends, adjust scales, generate custom fill patterns, include end of log lines, display water level and water level symbols, and save the completed project as a template for future use! The options are limited only by your imagination.

Finally, Strater’s redesigned user interface makes it easy to transform subsurface data into an understandable display.

"The new user interface is considerably more attractive and easier on the eyes than the classic version. It was comfortable to use and all commands were located where I expected them to be."

Steven Schamel, GeoX Consulting Inc.

Strater - well log, borehole, cross section plotting software
Strater’s modern and new user interface organizes the Strater features into a series of tabs at the top of the window. This design increases discoverability and enables users to more quickly learn the program.

Experience Strater for yourself with the free demo, then place your order at

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