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Numerically Verifying Grid Results Through Surfer's Graphing Software

You’ve used Surfer mapping software to grid your data and created a great looking map. You put it in the final report for your presentation. And you think, that was easy and I’m all done now. And then someone asks you, how do you know that map is accurate? You start to wonder. How do I know if it is correct? Is there any way to verify the gridding? If the grid file matches the original data, then I could confidently say the map is correct. But, how do I know if the grid file matches the data?

In the previous blog, we discussed visually inspecting a grid to see if the grid created is a good representation of the original data. To do this, we compared a contour map from the grid to a classed post map from the data.

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Visually Verify Grid Results Through Surfer Gridding Software

You’ve used Surfer to grid your data and created a great looking map. You put it in the final report for your presentation. And you think, that was easy and I’m all done now.

The final map is prepared and ready for the report.

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Geophysics for Geothermal Exploration Using Golden Software's Lineup of Mapping Software

The Dewhurst Group is a global geophysical exploration company that specializes exclusively on site selection for geothermal exploration and geothermal power development. The Dewhurst Group consists of a team of geologists, engineers, and geophysicists that integrate geophysics, geologic mapping, and geochemistry to pinpoint geothermal sources for electric power generation. The group relies heavily on both broadband magnetotelluric (BMT) and low frequency magnetotelluric (LMT) instrumentation.  MT instruments are designed and built in collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences and Vega Geophysics. Typically, the instruments are capable of acquiring resistivity values from a few meters in depth to many kilometers. With the LMT equipment it is often possible to gather data at depths as far down as the Mohorovicic discontinuity, the boundary between the Earth’s crust and mantle. Information at such depths can be helpful in understanding the tectonics that might drive a shallower geothermal source and related “plumbing” system.

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An Inside Look at Golden Software's Webinar History

In May of 2012, I had been working for Golden Software for 5 months and was starting to get the hang of my duties, when I was offered a new challenge; I was asked to spearhead efforts to get a monthly webinar started. As such a customer-centric company, this new endeavor made sense in many ways. Not only did it offer an additional way to get customers the support they needed, but it provided a new, interactive means of getting information to our customers and getting immediate feedback. I had never even attended a webinar, but I was ready to take on the challenge.

After a good deal of research, we were off and running. The more webinars we hosted, the more we learned about what topics our users responded to, when they wanted to view the webinars, and various other factors that went into the process, and the more I personally learned the ins-and-outs of the webinar process. As host, I schedule the webinars, send out webinar emails, start and end the webinar as well as field questions during the webinar, edit and post the webinar recording, and interact with users the whole way through. It's a rewarding experience.

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Netherlands Company Uses Surfer to Search for Drowning Victim

Click here for a recent update to this story.

November 20, 2011 - Four recreational divers went looking for known wreckages at the bottom of De Nieuwe Meer in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a ~30 m deep lake with strong bottom currents.

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