By Andrew Dudley on Friday, 14 March 2014
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Product Highlight- Voxler 3: WellRender to create a Pipe Network

Golden Software Newsletter - Issue 73: Create a Pipe Network with Didger & Voxler

One of the really unique features of Golden Software's 3D data visualization solution, Voxler 3, is its utility to create three dimensional images that include more than the geologic data that it was designed to display. This Newsletter Article describes using Volxer's WellRender module to render cylindrical features to display storage tank complexes, pipelines, and other plumbing networks like the image below.  

A pipe network and storage tank complex modeled in Voxler 3 using the WellRender module.

Also, you can use Voxler to display a model of your underground and surficial plumbing components along with the geologic data to highlight the possible interaction of the two components. For example, visualizing a storage tank and pipe network along with subsurface contamination plume data, could be very useful in determining where a contaminant plume originated, or where it migh have downgradient imapacts.

A final image of the pipe network that includes an additional storage tank complex, along with a contamination plume that was generated using Voxler's WellRender module.

To read the full newsletter article describing how to create a similar model with your data, please review the Newsletter Article at the link listed below.

This is just one of the many types of three-dimensional models that you can create using Voxler. To learn more about all of the features that are available in Voxler, visit the product website: .

You can also download a demo of Voxler to test its features and functionality. To download the demo, click the Free Demo Download link on the Voxler website.



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