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A Look at GIS Applications in Different Industries

A Look at GIS Applications in Different Industries

Last week I attended the GIS Colorado’s winter meeting. During this daylong event, a number of organizations presented on a wide variety of GIS software applications. The Colorado Department of Transportation presented on tracking and analyzing snow plow performance, a topic that hits close to home as we are currently buried in over a foot of snow here in Golden, Colorado. Another presenting government agency was the US Census Bureau as they prepare for the upcoming 2020 US Census. From the private sector, Astadia gave a demonstration on their augmented reality tool for locating assets, AECOM described their use of Hazus to prevent dam breaks, and Critigen showed how they visualize fish habitats. We also heard from the Colorado Geographic Alliance who is working to bring a Giant Traveling Map of Colorado to kids here in our home state

GIS has such a wide range of applications. As such, it has become a key component within any organization. GIS allows us to visualize and analyze our data to better understand trends and relationships. Where should a transmitter be constructed with the least visible impact to the surrounding community? What is the best way to evacuate a town in case of an emergency? What will happen to the river biology if a kayak park is constructed upstream? These are a few of the many questions GIS can help answer.

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Golden Software's Mapping Software Lineup Put To The Test

Users often combine Golden Software's mapping and griding software products to produce their final project. In the summer of 2007, a study was conducted by Dr. Richard Crawford of the Prince William Sound Science Center (PWSSC) in conjunction with the Valdez Fisheries Development Association to develop a tool to enhance the evaluation of fish abundance with their commercial-grade echo sounders. The goal was to maximize the harvesting of brood stock at the Solomon Gulch Hatchery. For their analysis, PWSSC used a combination of Surfer, Voxler, and Grapher to complete the study of Enhancing in-house assessment of pink salmon returns at Solomon Gulch Hatchery in Alaska. See the full report for additional information.

Prince William Science Center, located in Cordova, Alaska.

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