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Golden Software Gives Back to the Community

Last month I had the honor of receiving the Colorado School of Mines 2015 Young Philanthropist Award. During their annual Evening of Excellence, Mines celebrated those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding volunteer and philanthropic involvement in the university. The Young Philanthropist Award was one of eight philanthropy awards presented that evening. I must say, I was deeply honored to share the stage with such generous alumni and staff. And I also learned CSM’s newly elected president, Paul Johnson, was a Surfer user!

Colorado School of Mines President Paul Johnson, Golden Software CEO Blakelee (Midyett) Mills, and CSM Foundation Board of Governors Executive Committee Chairman and CEO David Wagner.

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Golden Software's Adventures in Yellowstone

For the past thirty-plus years, Golden Software's founders, Pat Madison and Dan Smith, have loaded up their backpacks and trekked out into the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park for a backpacking excursion. Five years ago the backpacking invitation was extended to me, and I have tagged along through sunshine, rain, sleet, and snow, across meadows and rivers, and over mountains and downed trees ever since.

Pat Madison and Dan Smith on their 1990 Yellowstone trip.

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Blakelee Mills
I'll be sure to have a conversation with those feet-cutting photographers ... Read More
Friday, 09 October 2015 10:10
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Exploring the New Frontiers in Science

Science is cool and awesome and always evolving. We at Golden Software all like to stay apprised in various ways of what is happening in this broad scientific community. Most scientists are explorers at heart and Golden Software employees definitely fall among this "explorer" group. In the last few weeks, I’ve been amazed by great maps, new finds, and beautiful photography. Here’s a sampling of what’s keeping my interest right now.

NASA maps our solar system with various rovers and spacecraft. Recently, the Dawn spacecraft flew by Ceres, the dwarf planet and largest object in the asteroid belt. One of the unusual observations displayed in the images that NASA received back from Dawn was a mysterious bright spot near the center of Ceres inside a crater. NASA recently released some maps it created of Ceres topography with shaded relief maps. Check out the videos on NASA’s website for the full animation.

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All Hands Meeting 2015

All Hands Meeting 2015

This past weekend, the entire Golden Software team convened in beautiful Golden, Colorado for our annual all hands meeting (AHM). This was our 7th annual meeting, and like fine wine, it has improved with age; each year is better than the last!

Every year we meet all day Saturday and a half-day on Sunday. Our days consist of numerous presentations covering what we’ve accomplished over the past year, what our current endeavors entail, and where we’re headed in the coming years. We are always asking ourselves, “What’s best for the customer?” and the AHM gives us an opportunity to answer that question together. Our discussions are engaging as everyone contributes their thoughts and ideas. We can feel the energy increase as the meeting progresses.

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Happy Earth Day from Golden Software!

Happy Earth Day from Golden Software!

April 22 marks an event celebrated across the globe--it's Earth Day! Earth Day began in America in 1970 as a way to honor the Earth and promote peace, as a response to the Vietnam War and the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. In 1990, the movement officially went worldwide when 141 countries joined in the celebration of the planet on which we live. Now, over 192 countries participate in the event! Global coordination is now handled by the Earth Day Network.

Here at Golden Software, we try to do our part to contribute to a healthy Earth. We have an office recycling bin that fills up frequently, many employees use public transportation or work from home to reduce carbon footprints, we encourage digital software downloads over physical packages shipped, and more! When we all do a little, we can do a lot! 

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