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Industry Application: Evaluating Offshore Petroleum Opportunities

Each year, the governments of Australia and New Zealand conduct an acreage release program in an effort to promote responsible offshore petroleum exploration within their respective countries. Batole Pty, Ltd., a privately owned oil and gas consultation and investment company, analyzes these acreage offerings for exploration opportunities. The eval...
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Customer Spotlight: Willem Havermans Uses Voxler & Surfer To Visualize Groundwater Contamination

Golden Software customers possess a broad assortment of backgrounds, from earth science and engineering to education and politics. This vast background results in a variety of uses for Golden Software’s products. Each customer uses our software in their own unique way, and we are pleased to share these stories. This blog features Willem Havermans, a senior engineering consultant for MWH Global, who uses a combination of Voxler and Surfer's mapping software to visualize groundwater contamination levels and generate conceptual remediation models for their areas of interest.

Willem Havermans has been a faithful user of Golden Software applications dating back to early 2000. He has purchased multiple versions of Surfer's mapping software. He also uses Voxler's 3D data visualization capabilities on a daily basis and has held a Strater license for the past few versions. Havermans, working with MWH Global, uses a combination of Voxler and Surfer to perform 3D data processing of surface and subsurface soil contamination and surface creation. He uses Goolden Software's mapping software to create a strong basis for generating conceptual models of groundwater contamination and in planning of remedial designs.

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Use Voxler’s Worksheet Window to Quality Control Data

Data is the foundation of a successful modeling project. We all have had an experience where high quality, mistake-free data was not available for a project and lesser quality, problematic data was the only thing available. These problematic datasets can contain a variety of issues not limited to missing data values, missing labels, incorrect data values, and outliers; all of which can cause inaccurate projects. With the release of a the latest version of Voxler 3D Visualization mapping software this past fall, the new worksheet window allows real-time editing of your imported data; Now you can leverage Voxler as a valuable data quality control tool for correcting problematic 3D point cloud data and well data. This blog will detail how to effectively QC (quality control) the problematic data issues directly within Voxler's mapping software using the new worksheet window.

QC missing data values:

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