Golden Software Customer Support Engineer Adrianne Knight

Adrianne joined Golden Software in October of 2022 as a Customer Support Specialist. She graduated from Penn State with a degree in Advertising & Public Relations, concentrating on Strategic Communication. Before joining Golden Software, Adrianne worked in several e-commerce customer service roles. Providing content marketing, technical support, and internal communications expertise at various companies.

She aims to maximize effective communication amongst customer facing teams and enjoys resolving workflow breakdowns and miscommunication. These strengths are present in Adrianne’s personal life as well. She is an armchair therapist, philosopher, and interpersonal resource who makes people feel comfortable (and safe) enough to be vulnerable with each other.

Outside of work Adrianne is involved in her alumni association, a freelance writer/editor, and enjoys discovering new AI software.

Fun Facts:

  • Adrianne is an avid sushi-lover 
  • Adrianne plans to one day try her hand at stand-up comedy

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