Golden Software CEO Blakelee Mills

Fun Facts

  • Blakelee enjoys creating fused glass art
  • She has an affinity for birds and has a pet Sun Conure and many bird feeders in the backyard.

As Owner of Golden Software, Blakelee Mills assumes a strategic role, providing high-level guidance and direction to the company to ensure Golden Software remains aligned with its core values and mission.

Blakelee began her career as an intern for Golden Software co-founder Patrick Madison while attending the Colorado School of Mines.  Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, she began working full-time with Golden Software. Blakelee’s unique ability to understand both the scientific and technical aspects of the Golden Software products as well as the business development aspect of the business, led her into a leadership role with the company and the eventual position of CEO in 2014. In 2023, Blakelee relinquished her CEO title for another incredibly important one, a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to her two children. Blakelee continues to champion the Golden Software team from the sidelines.


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