Golden Software Customer Support Specialist Buck Hoover


Buck Hoover is a customer support specialist and joined Golden Software in early 2022. He has a background as a geospatial analyst and is experienced in remote sensing, ecology, and geography. Buck graduated from Carthage Collage with a degree in Environmental Science (focused on conservation and ecology) and Geography/Earth Science.

When Buck isn’t helping customers solve complex problems, you will find Buck outside, experiencing nature via rock climbing, snowboarding or surfing. On sleepier days Buck spends his time in the garden, building things out of wood, or soaking up the sun with his partner, Charlotte, and their dog, Leroy.

Fun Facts

  • Buck once held the world record for tallest sand castle at 45ft 10in
  • Not only does Buck love gardening, but he also loves to grow his own food

Exceeding expectations

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