Golden Software Customer Support Specialist David Alexander

David Alexander is a member of Golden Software's Customer Support team and joined the company in 2021. He received his BA in Geography from the University of Colorado. Prior to joining Golden Software, David worked as a GIS Analyst performing GIS mapping of satellite imagery. David thoroughly enjoys working with GIS and mapping and the opportunity to brighten a customer's day.


When David is not working, you can find him rock climbing, cycling, trail running, camping, or any outdoor adventure that allows him to explore our diverse world. He is originally from the South Bay Area in California and speaks Swiss German. Should you find yourself receiving customer support from David, feel free to quiz him on his geography as he is a random geography trivia buff!


Fun Facts

  • David is a distant relative of the man who invented Eggo Waffles.
  • David can juggle anything and simultaneously list every country the world.

Exceeding expectations

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