Golden Software Product Manager & Training Lead Drew Dudley

Fun Facts

  • Drew is an enthusiastic Widespread Panic fan
  • During (American) football season, he faithfully cheers on the Kansas City Chiefs

Drew Dudley is an account manager, training coordinator and product manager for two of Golden Software’s signature products: Voxler®, a program for scientists and geologists which creates 3D images and 3D models from geologic data, GIS data, well and borehole data, and Didger®, a geoprocessing and data conversion tool for cartographers, geologists, oil and gas professionals, or GIS analysts.  As an expert in GIS and 3D modeling, Drew is also a member of our technical support team.

Drew graduated from Metropolitan University of Denver and also attended the University of Kansas.  Prior to joining Golden Software, Drew held the position of GIS Lab Technician for Metropolitan University of Denver, and was also an intern at the Adams County Planning Department. Outside of work, Andrew frequents Widespread Panic concerts and enjoys snowboarding, gardening and cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs, Jayhawks, and the Royals.

Golden Software, founded in Golden, Colorado in 1983, is a leading provider of scientific mapping and graphing software packages. The company specializes in creating programs which analyze complex data and convert this data into user-friendly visual tools such as maps, graphs and models. Golden Software products are used in mining, engineering, medicine, applied science and university settings. The company celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2018 with more than 250,000 software licenses sold, in nearly 190 countries and territories, on all seven continents.

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