Golden Software Customer Support Guru Justine Carstairs

Fun Facts

  • Justine has a 2 per day cheese stick habit.
  • She once spent 6 months cycling across Europe and Japan.

Justine Carstairs is a technical support specialist for Golden Software. Daily, she helps customers troubleshoot and better understand the product workflows relating to Golden Software’s scientific mapping and graph software packages. Justine enjoys helping customers solve problems as she recalls the frustrations she experienced while learning new software programs. Since joining Golden Software in 2017, Justine has enjoyed learning about the behind-the-scenes activities when developing software.

Justine was born and raised in Australia where she attended the University of Melbourne. Justine graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Geology and a master’s degree in Geology and Geophysics. When Justine is not helping customers, she enjoys attending music festivals, snowboarding, rock climbing and camping in the Rocky Mountains with fur-baby Cherry.

Golden Software, founded in Golden, Colorado in 1983, is a leading provider of scientific mapping and graphing software packages. The company specializes in creating programs which analyze complex data and convert this data into user-friendly visual tools such as maps, graphs and models. Golden Software products are used in mining, engineering, medicine, applied science and university settings. The company celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2018 with more than 250,000 software licenses sold, in nearly 190 countries and territories, on all seven continents.

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