Golden Software Customer Support Specialist Rachel Krueger


Rachel Krueger is a member of Golden Software’s Customer Support team and joined the company in 2021. She received her BS from University of Colorado Boulder and MSc from Northern Arizona University, both in Geology. Prior to joining Golden Software, Rachel worked in the oil and gas industry acting as the geology point-of-contact for actively drilling rigs. Rachel loves communicating geologic topics to all different backgrounds and helping others achieve their specific scientific goals through customer support.

When Rachel is not working, you can find her pointing at rocks while she’s hiking, skiing, or road-tripping. She also enjoys throwing pottery, trying as many local coffee shops and breweries as possible, and generally just spending time with her husband and cat, Zephyr.


Fun Facts

  • She’d rather drive than fly in most situations.
  • She likes to collect handmade and unique ceramic mugs.

Exceeding expectations

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