Golden Software Customer Support Engineer Rachel VanOsdol

Rachel VanOsdol joined Golden Software in October of 2022 and works as a Customer Support Specialist. Before joining Golden Software, Rachel worked as a graduate student researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory where she studied singlet fission and charge transfer in organic materials. She received her master’s in chemistry in December of 2021 from the University of Colorado Boulder and then worked at the same university as a laboratory coordinator for the general chemistry program.

Rachel believes that developing specific problem-solving skills for the purpose of supporting the learning, research, and engineering goals of others has been the most rewarding aspect of her past and present work. Outside of work, Rachel takes courses in data science, reads historical fiction and fantasy, attends a variety of fitness classes, and attempts new recipes in the kitchen with a 50% success rate. 

Fun Facts:

  • Rachel has lived in Colorado since August of 2017, 
  • Rachel enjoys Colorado by walking, running, biking, and hiking along the state’s many scenic trails.

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