Golden Software Software Developer - Ruth Rodman

Fun Facts

  • Ruth is a first generation American
  • Ruth's first and last name appears in the periodic table of elements atomic numbers 44 and 45

Ruth Rodman is one of Golden Software's software developers. She has worked at Golden Software since 2012, starting out in customer support. From there she quickly grew into the devops and testing realm, then settled into the development and management space. Before Golden Software, Ruth worked as a private tutor and enjoyed participating in volunteer work in her community. Ruth graduated from Virginia Tech with a Discrete Mathematics degree.

In Ruth's spare time she enjoys any sort of artistic expression, but mostly gravitates towards fiber arts - knitting, sewing, quilting, crocheting, cross stitch, etc. She also plays piano and covers a wide range of genres including Debussy, The Dresden Dolls, and Sam Smith. Ruth is happy to call Maryland her forever home, which she shares with her partner and children.

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