Golden Software Product Manager Sheena Skinner

Sheena Skinner joined Golden Software as a Product Manager in January 2023, and works with the Product Team on Surfer and Grapher. Sheena attended Red Rocks Community College and CU Boulder, graduating with degrees in Geology (with a
focus in Geochemistry and GIS). She spent her early career working in geochemistry labs, and has since transitioned into technical project management related to 3D geospatial products. Her professional interests include managing software products/projects, promoting innovation and inspiration among her colleagues, and learning the capabilities and shortcomings of software products to make them more efficient and user-friendly.

Sheena’s personal interests include exploring the mountains with her partner and their
two dogs, as well as collecting rocks literally everywhere she goes. She is an avid reader
of science fiction and a movie connoisseur. Sheena is also very passionate about
academic outreach, as well as general volunteer work. She spends her free time
inspiring middle school and high school aged students with her passion and love for
science and continuing education. She also regularly volunteers with several non-profits
in the Greater Denver Area.

Fun Facts

  • Sheena's interest in dinosaur's match that of most 4-9 year old's
  • Her love for continuing education extends to her pups, and training them is a
    favorite pastime of hers

Exceeding expectations

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