I am excited! No, not because I'm hyped up on Easter candy, but because this coming weekend is Golden Software's 9th annual all-hands meeting. Every April, the entire Golden Software team travels to Golden, Colorado for a few days of camaraderie as we review the previous year, learn about our current endeavors, and see what the future has in store.

This year, we will meet Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Please note, our office will close 11am this Friday, April 21st. But don't worry, we will be back online Monday, April 24th to answer any of your questions!

Beginning Friday afternoon, our focus will be on ways to better Golden Software. We began the all hands meetings nine years ago. The purpose of the meeting was to set aside our daily projects and to focus on the big, Golden Software picture: Who do we support? What is going on? Where are we going? When will it be completed? Why are we doing this? How are we doing? The all hands meeting provides a setting for the entire group to celebrate success, learn from failure, and implement change.

Additionally, the all hands meeting helps us reconnect with one another. Almost half of our team works out of home offices. Our group doesn't have the luxury of catching up at the water cooler or grabbing lunch together. The meeting lets us reestablish personal connections, put a face to an email address, create memories, and share many laughs together.

I am excited! I am excited to have the team in the same room. I am excited to see the group presentations. I am excited to spend one-on-one time with the individuals that make up Golden Software. I am excited to sit back and watch people reconnect. I am excited for the insights and opinions of the group. I am excited for our discussions. I am excited for all the new things I will learn. I am excited to make Golden Software an even better company as a result of the all hands meeting.