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Access Your Previous Support Requests!


 At Golden Software, we are continuously working to update and improve our software as well as the support we provide. As part of that goal, our new support portal has a feature that allows you, our users, to view all of your previous interactions with our support team online!

Have you ever needed to refresh your memory on a workflow that our support team helped you with, only it's outside of regular business hours?  Now you can get that refresher faster than ever!  Instead of waiting until our office opens, you can view your emails, article comments, community posts, and even LiveChat transcripts by signing in to your Golden Software support account.

Instructions for accessing your account can be found in the article How can I create an account for the support website. Instructions for viewing your support request history can be found in the article How to access your support request history.  In addition to viewing all of your previous requests, you can also search for keywords in an email chain or LiveChat transcript on the My requests page.

View your support requests and contributions online using the Golden Software support portal.

 We hope that you find this new feature helpful, and continue to contact us with questions and suggestions for further improving our products and support!



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Friday, 09 December 2022

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