All Hands Meeting 2015

This past weekend, the entire Golden Software team convened in beautiful Golden, Colorado for our annual all hands meeting (AHM). This was our 7th annual meeting, and like fine wine, it has improved with age; each year is better than the last!

Every year we meet all day Saturday and a half-day on Sunday. Our days consist of numerous presentations covering what we’ve accomplished over the past year, what our current endeavors entail, and where we’re headed in the coming years. We are always asking ourselves, “What’s best for the customer?” and the AHM gives us an opportunity to answer that question together. Our discussions are engaging as everyone contributes their thoughts and ideas. We can feel the energy increase as the meeting progresses.

Numerous components make up Golden Software. The AHM helps to piece all of those components together. By hearing from all sectors of the company, from developers and product managers to technical support and upper management, we all gain a better understanding of how all parts make up the whole.

Saturday night, business discussions are put aside when we gather with our friends and family and socialize over food and drink. It’s a joy meeting significant others and children as our personal lives make up so much of who we are. We share many, many laughs throughout the course of the evening.

Our all hands meetings are priceless. It gives us a chance to reconnect with one another, celebrate our successes, and anticipate the coming years. After each meeting, I find myself invigorated and eager to dive into the next project!

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-Blakelee Midyett, CEO