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All new features are now available in Surfer!

 A new version of Surfer was released last week, and it has a great collection of new features that will make your presentations more impactful, while also saving you time and reducing clicks in your workflow. These features include a streamlined map creation process that makes visualizing your data quicker than ever, faster and more flexible ways to edit vector data, and new image processing tools.

Below are some highlights of Surfer's newest features. Stay tuned as we have even more new features coming soon! 

  • Make selected colors in an image transparent

Surfer now allows you to make specific colors within your Image, Base(raster) layer, or image within a Base(vector) layer transparent. This is super handy for those of you importing site plan PDFs or similar images from reports where you would want to make the white background transparent. Or, pick any color you like in an image and make it transparent using the easy tolerance slider.

Select a color from your image and make it transparent.
  •  Create Profiles from any polyline in a base layer

You can now use any Polyline within a Base(vector) layer to create a Profile. Import existing lines from DXF, SHP, or other vector formats, and quickly create a profile from any line within that vector file. To do so, simply right-click over the specific Polyline object within the Base(vector) layer and select Add Profile from the context menu. The Base(vector) layer must be contained within the same Map frame as the grid-based map layer that will be used to generate the profile.

Create profiles from any polyline in a Base layer. For example, use a Polyline from an imported SHP file.
  • Create multiple maps and layers at once by selecting more than one grid/data/image file

You can now select multiple data, graphic, base or grid files when creating new Map or adding Map layers to create multiple layers imultaneously. This feature allows you to create multiple maps and map layers at once, giving you big time savings, If you have a directory full of grid tiles, you can add them all to the same Map frame in a single step!

Select multiple grid, image or data files to create multiple maps or map layers in one step.

 Other new features now available:

  • Perform operations such as toggle visibility, move and reorder, delete, and duplicate on multiple layers
  • Edit base layers automatically when the layer is selected - Start/Stop Editing is no longer required
  • Save custom base layer symbology and re-use in other projects
  • Use special shapes such as rectangles, rounded rectangle, and ellipses in operations such as Assign NoData, Grid Volume, Grid Data, and many more
  • Crop images to decrease file size
  • Export high resolution images directly from the 3D View
  • Change the scale bar units automatically
  • And more..

Watch a 10 minute demonstration of the new features below:​

Active maintenance users receive these new features for free. Simply download and install the latest version and you're good to go. If your maintenance has expired, renew your maintenance to gain access to these new Surfer features today. Instructions for renewing maintenance can be found here: Renew software maintenance

For anyone else wishing to experience the new release, download the two-week Surfer trial today.



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Thursday, 26 November 2020

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