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An Affordable 3D PDF Solution for Voxler Users

As one of the industry leaders in 3D visualization, Voxler does an excellent job creating detailed 3D models that visualize numerous types of 2D and 3D data, including well surveys, CAD and GIS data, imagery, and 3D point data. Our users spend a lot of time creating Voxler models and frequently request methods to share them amongst managers, project stakeholders, colleagues, and other team members that don’t have access to Voxler.

Currently, Voxler users can export their projects to a number of different static image or bitmap formats and can also export to 3D formats like DXF and IV. Although images exported from Voxler projects can be an effective way of presenting a model in a report, the most effective way to display a Voxler project is in three dimensions with zoom in and out capabilities and complete model rotation. This allows stakeholders and teammates to see the full extent and detail of the model in its entirety.

Many Voxler users ask what is the best way to share a model so the full 3D extent is displayed? Typically, our technical support team recommends that non-Voxler users download the free demo version of Voxler and use it as a viewer. There are also some online IV file viewers that can be used to embed models in websites, presentations, and social media pages like

PDF3D ReportGen is Here

There is a new method available to share Voxler models with your team from PDF3D. PDF3D offers an affordable utility, named ReportGen, that will convert IV files that have been exported from Voxler into 3D PDF files that allow for full 3D rotation, turning layers on and off, and zoom control. The 3D PDF is easily created and shareable between teammates and stakeholders. PDF3D ReportGen has a special Voxler mode that has been optimized to facilitate Voxler models. See what PDF3D is saying about the advantages of using Voxler accompanied by PDF3D ReportGen.

It’s Easy to Create 3D PDFs

Once PDF3D ReportGen has been purchased and installed, you can use these steps to create a 3D PDF from your model:

  1. Click File | Export in Voxler to export the model to IV format.
  2. In the Export dialog, name the file, change the Save as type to IV, and click Save.
  3. Open PDF3D ReportGen.
  4. Click Add File.
  5. In the Open File dialog, navigate to the IV file created in step 1 and click Open.
  6. Click the Convert button to create the 3D PDF.
  7. When the progress indicator is finished, click Close.

PDF3D creates a 3D PDF

To view the 3D PDF created in ReportGen, it can be opened in a 3D PDF enabled viewer or in a web browser that has 3D PDF support like Internet Explorer or Microsoft edge. Due to the small file size, the 3D PDFs can be shared among stakeholders and team members alike. More information about using and purchasing PDF3D can be found on their website. New copies of Voxler and upgrades from previous versions are available for purchase from our shopping page. Contact with any suggestions or questions you may have!

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Comments 3

Guest - Serge on Wednesday, 15 December 2021 07:00

Thank you Katie!

Thank you Katie!
Guest - Serge on Monday, 13 December 2021 08:52

Thank you Andrew for this post!
DoesVoxler to convert PDF files to images?

Thank you Andrew for this post! DoesVoxler to [url=]convert PDF files to images[/url]?
Katie Yoder on Monday, 13 December 2021 12:58

Hi Serge,
Voxler only supports export of 2D raster PDFs. If this does not answer your question, please feel free to contact our support team by emailing

Golden Software Support

Hi Serge, Voxler only supports export of 2D raster PDFs. If this does not answer your question, please feel free to contact our support team by emailing Best, Golden Software Support
Tuesday, 07 February 2023

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