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An Inside Look at Golden Software's Webinar History

In May of 2012, I had been working for Golden Software for 5 months and was starting to get the hang of my duties, when I was offered a new challenge; I was asked to spearhead efforts to get a monthly webinar started. As such a customer-centric company, this new endeavor made sense in many ways. Not only did it offer an additional way to get customers the support they needed, but it provided a new, interactive means of getting information to our customers and getting immediate feedback. I had never even attended a webinar, but I was ready to take on the challenge.

After a good deal of research, we were off and running. The more webinars we hosted, the more we learned about what topics our users responded to, when they wanted to view the webinars, and various other factors that went into the process, and the more I personally learned the ins-and-outs of the webinar process. As host, I schedule the webinars, send out webinar emails, start and end the webinar as well as field questions during the webinar, edit and post the webinar recording, and interact with users the whole way through. It's a rewarding experience.

Now, after more than 3 years and 35 unique webinar topics, we've got a pretty well-oiled machine. And, as you can see from the plot below, you, our users, responded! Across-the-board for all six of our products, we've had higher and higher registration rates. I'm excited to see what 2016 has to hold!

If there's a topic you would like to see presented in a webinar, let us know!


This Grapher bar chart displays registration numbers from each of our previous webinars from the beginning of our webinar program through last month. Each bar is a unique webinar, and is color-coded by the product that the webinar was presented on. A linear fit curve was applied to each product's registration numbers to show a general positive trend across all six products.


Here's what some of our attendees have had to say about the webinars:

  • "Concise, to the point. Provides new ideas and enriches my appreciation of the software." - Jacques Thibault, Consulting Geologist, Bathurst (NB) Canada
  • "It opened up new functions that I had not yet tried, but now will be using." and "[I liked] The clarity of the demonstrations. These webinars are a very good way for owners and current users to refresh their knowledge, as well as learn new applications." - Steven Schamel, PhD, P.G., GeoX Consulting Inc.
  • "Liked that it was short and concise. Introduced new topics, gave me ideas and now I can go explore in depth when I have time." - Marta Cairns, Weston Solutions, Inc.
  • "Presenter's knowledge of the product is outstanding and she was able to understand the questions asked and answered questions with simple explanations." - Eric Tappa, Dept. of Earth & Ocean Sciences, Univ. of South Carolina
  • "As a beginning user the topics were simple enough for me to follow." - Ken Borgen


We've hosted many webinars to-date and we've recorded every one. Click the webinar titles below to watch our previous webinars:

Date Product Webinar Title
Oct-2015 Online File Converter Quick and easy file conversions
Sep-2015 Surfer/Didger How to Georeference Images - A Comparison of Surfer & Didger
Aug-2015 Surfer An Insider's View of Surfer 13's New Features
Jul-2015 Grapher Understand Your Data Distributions with Fit Curves in Grapher
Jun-2015 Didger Manipulating Images in Didger 5
May-2015 MapViewer Geocoding in MapViewer 8
Apr-2015 Surfer Creating and Editing BLN files for Blanking Maps in Surfer
Mar-2015 Voxler Using the Computational Modules in Voxler
Feb-2015 MapViewer New Features of MapViewer 8
Jan-2015 Scripter/Surfer Scripter and Surfer: Samples, Gridding, Contouring, and Simple Loops
Dec-2014 Voxler Using the Math Module
Oct-2014 Surfer Gridding in Surfer 12
Sep-2014 Didger More Frequently Asked Questions of Didger 5
Aug-2014 Grapher New Features of Grapher 11
Jul-2014 Strater Frequently Asked Questions of Strater 4
Jun-2014 Surfer Frequently Asked Questions of Surfer 12
May-2014 Grapher Piper Plots
Apr-2014 Voxler/others Voxler Compatibility
Mar-2014 Didger Frequently Asked Questions of Didger 5
Feb-2014 Surfer New Features of Surfer 12
Jan-2014 All Which Program Do I Need?
Dec-2013 Voxler An In Depth Look at the WellRender
Nov-2013 Strater Strater 4 Cross Section FAQs
Oct-2013 Didger New Features of Didger 5
Sep-2013 Grapher Frequently Asked Questions of Grapher 10
Aug-2013 MapViewer More Frequently Asked Questions of MapViewer 7
Jul-2013 Scripter Debugging with Scripter
Jun-2013 Surfer Frequently Asked Questions of Surfer 11
May-2013 Strater Master the New Features of Strater 4
Mar-2013 Voxler Voxler 3 Tips and Tricks
Feb-2013 MapViewer Frequently Asked Questions of MapViewer 7
Jan-2013 Grapher Master the New Features of Grapher 10
Dec-2012 Strater Frequently Asked Questions of Strater 3
Nov-2012 Voxler Master the New Features of Voxler 3
Aug through Oct-2012 Surfer Master the New Features of Surfer 11


Be sure to register for our upcoming webinars by clicking on the webinar title below:

Date Product Webinar Title
Nov-2015 Voxler New Features of Voxler 4
Dec-2015 Surfer Exporting KML/KMZ files from Surfer for use in Google Earth
Jan-2016 Voxler Visualizing 3D Well Data in Voxler 4
Feb-2016 Surfer Breaklines, Faults, and Blanking: How and when to apply these functions to your grid
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