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Reclaim Your Day: Freeing Up Hours with Better Tech

“Designed by Freepik”

 Being passionate about your work is both a luxury and an invaluable facet of achieving the best results. A deep focus and attention to detail on projects helps make the workday more engaging and makes the final product that much more gratifying to have achieved. However, many in industries such as hydrology, geology, construction and the envi...

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What are the "Most Searched" Beers in Each State?

Fourth of July weekend is coming up in the United States, which means a weekend full of cookouts, fireworks, and cold beer. With beer being one of the largest industries in America, sometimes it can be hard to choose which brand to pick up off the shelf. One food magazine, Eat This, Not That!, used data pulled from Google Trends to help aid in your...

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Visually Striking Lidar Map Reveals “Hidden” Hydrologic Features

Steve Boynton is a long time Golden Software user and beta tester who runs his own consulting company: Subsurface Environmental Solutions LLC. Recently, while catching up with Steve he shared an eye-catching Lidar map he created that strikes a fine line between science and art. Steve was inspired to create this style of map after coming a...

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Effectively Reach Your Diverse Audience

Whether you work in hydrology, geology, construction or environmental engineering, interpreting data and telling a story with the results is a critical part of your work. It can be a rewarding process, but it is not without its challenges. Chief among them is the variety and diversity of your potential audience and the need to convey your data in a...

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Taking a Virtual Tour of Ireland with Surfer

As vaccination rates increase and social distancing regulations relax , it is starting to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel to this pandemic. After 15 months of sitting in my apartment I cannot wait to travel further than to the kitchen for a snack. Personally, I have been daydreaming for the day international travel is decla...

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