Today is an exciting day with the release of our newest product, Raster Tools! Raster Tools is a powerful add-in to Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcMap) software which creates accurate raster datasets. With Raster Tools, users have access to twelve advanced interpolation methods and control over all interpolation parameters.

Raster Tools: Interpolation Add-in for Esri ArcMap
Transform regularly or irregularly spaced data into accurate raster datasets.

The sophisticated interpolation methods available in Raster Tools are based on the same algorithms available in Golden Software’s well-known program, Surfer. Interpolation methods include Kriging, Inverse Distance, Minimum Curvature, Polynomial Regression, Triangulation with Linear Interpolation, Nearest Neighbor, Modified Shepard’s Method, Radial Basis Function, Natural Neighbor, Moving Average, Data Metrics, and Local Polynomial.

Raster Tools beta tester Paul Morrison comments, “You have so many options for creating the rasters. I also have a lot of trust in the algorithms.” Another beta tester, Tobais Spears, says, “All of my interpolation methods were there in front of me, and the over-arching workflow was very user friendly.”

Who should use Raster tools? Any ArcMap 10.3 user requiring more interpolation methods, more accurate algorithms, and absolute control over all interpolation parameters. Contact us if you would like to see Raster Tools available for other versions of ArcMap.

Why an add-in? Raster Tools differs from other Golden Software products as it’s an ArcMap add-in. Raster Tools was developed based on direct feedback from users who wanted the extensive interpolation controls offered by Surfer directly in the ArcMap environment. We answered those requests with Raster Tools and are excited to enhance the ArcMap environment!

For more information, visit the Raster Tools product page or test it out for yourself with the free 14 day trial!