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Creating Georeferenced PDF Contamination Maps for Geophysical Surveys


Canadian geophysical survey firm, Cascade Imaging Solutions Inc, maps the results of its projects just minutes after collecting the raw data. Their technicians use Surfer to conduct initial data interpretation and generate an easily understood georeferenced PDF map for digital delivery to their clients while everyone is still on the project site.

High conductivity measurements correspond with abnormally high concentrations of subsurface salts, possibly related to leaks or spills of petroleum emulsions, fertilizers, livestock waste or road deicing chemicals."We use Surfer to image the data, producing a color contour map showing where the contamination is," said president Brandon White. "It's usually a color-scale heat map [where] red means higher conductivity, or contamination." Once the contour maps have been made, Surfer retains the georeferencing and outputs the results in geo-PDF format.

"We can email the PDF right to the client's smart phone [onsite] so they can figure out where the contamination is relative to where they are standing," said White.

You can read the full story here!


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Saturday, 15 December 2018

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