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Customer Spotlight: GeoMathics One Finds Voxler Advantageous

Cornell David, Manager and Senior Geophysicist at GeoMathics One, a geological and geophysical service company located in Bucharest Romania, first encountered Golden Software products in 1990.

GeoMathics One uses Voxler to display an assortment of geophysical data including 3D chemical distribution and 3D geophysical data acquired with Electrical Resistivity Tomography systems. David states, “I’ve appreciated Voxler from the beginning. Voxler gives you the ability to plan a 3D geophysical investigation.”

Coal Layers: Six hectares of surface were investigated using ERT (Electrical Resistivity Tomography) method to reveal stratified Pliocene lacustrine facies coal layers, interbedded in clayey deposits. Both Wenner and Schlumberger arrays were used to acquire data along 8 profiles, 40 m distance between them, 40 electrodes, 5 m spacing. The structure was confirmed by later drillings.
Rhyolite Body: The image represents results of an ERT performed to relieve a micro-granitic
body inside an elongated hill. 2D sections, at 50 m distance, crossed the hill from one side to the other.
Electrodes spacing was 5 m. The intrusive body is faulted by an important transversal
fault in the middle part of the hill.
Medieval Catacomb: Detailed 3D resistivity tomography was performed to confirm the existence of a
buried catacomb, in the vicinity of a medieval domain. Dipol-Dipol array and layout with 2 m
electrodes spacing were used to produce the image of underground resistivity.

Over the years, David has witnessed the growth of Golden Software’s products and has evolved into a confident user. When asked, “Why use Golden Software products?” David replied, “Because the ratio between price and efficiency is the best for a small company [such as ours].”

To learn more about GeoMathics One’s investigations, visit

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Thursday, 08 June 2023

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