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Employee Spotlight: Kari

Education:  M.S. Geology, Colorado School of Mines, December 2000
B.S. Earth Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, June 1996

1.What is your role at Golden Software?

Product Manager and Technical Support. Currently I am the Product Manager for Surfer. In the past, I have also been Product Manager for Didger and Strater.

2.How long have you worked for Golden Software?

13 years (almost 14!)

3.What do you like most about working for Golden Software?

The people. We all work hard to create the best possible software with the best possible technical support. Working with a dedicated, supportive team makes such a huge difference.

4.What is your favorite Golden Software memory?

My favorite memory is more of a collection of memories than any single one. In my first three years at Golden Software I worked in the office, before moving home to work remotely. The office was a fun place to be! Everyone was working together, sharing ideas and working on problems together, sometimes goofing off...I remember laughing a lot. It was a fun time.

5.Where are you from?

San Francisco Bay Area, California

6.What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

We live in a beautiful area, and I really enjoy getting out on the weekends, camping and hiking. Now that our children are out of the toddler phase, we are also going to try backpacking again. I also enjoy reading and seeing new places. My next projects are designing a large producing vegetable garden for our yard and coming up with a travel plan for next year.

7.What has been the most exciting thing you’ve done in the past year?

Sky diving. It is something I've always wanted to try and I finally gave it a go. It was so much fun!


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