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Employee Spotlight: Sabrina

Our employee spotlight this week features Sabrina! Here are some things she wanted to share:

Education:          B.S. Geology and Geology Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, May 1996

1.What is your role at Golden Software?

Grapher Product Manager, Documentation writer, Tech Support

2.How long have you worked for Golden Software?

15 1/2 years

3.What do you like most about working for Golden Software?

The company environment and company focus. I like that Golden Software is laid back and that everyone here is friendly. Yet at the same time, the company as a whole and each individual is determined to be customer driven and make our software as feature rich and easy to use as possible.

4.What is your favorite Golden Software memory?

A Christmas party a long time ago at Pat's old house. We were all standing around chit-chatting, chomping on appetizers, drinking beer, with little kids around us. Everyone was relaxed and there was no tension.

Second to that, I'd have to say this year’s Thanksgiving lunch was pretty awesome. It was great to have everyone bring in their part of a Thanksgiving day meal and share it together – turning off phones and focusing on interoffice relationships.

5.Where are you from?

Originally, Indiana, but I've been in Colorado for 20 years now. I consider Colorado home.

6.What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

You can find me almost every day at a soccer field. I love watching my kids play, but I also really have a great fondness for the game and like watching other people play, too, from little 3 year olds to professional teams (Rapids, of course!). And, the last month has been super exciting with the World Cup. Go Argentina. No, go Germany. I can’t decide! J

7.What has been the most exciting thing you’ve done in the past year?

We did a road trip to California this past winter. We’ve done this trip a few times before, but never at Christmas. It was startling how beautiful and vibrant the desert was and how calm and tranquil the beach was in winter. 




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Sunday, 18 November 2018

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