You may not be aware, but much of the development of Golden Software products is driven by customer requests. Customers are our priority, we are not a large company that ignores its users!

We are continually working on the development of the next version of our products. We place a very high value on the feedback we receive from the users of our products. New features are implemented based on the number of user requests and the time taken to implement the request.

These questions can be a good start when thinking about new features:


What feature(s) have you wanted to always see in our programs?

What feature(s) would streamline your workflow?

Is there any particular feature that would push you over the edge to purchase/upgrade a product?

How can we improve our products to better serve your needs?


If you ever have an idea for a new feature that could be added on one of our programs, please let us know! 

Email me with your feature request!

Thank you for your feedback and ongoing use of Golden Software products!