Free Update to MapViewer 8.1.269 now available!

Golden Software released a free update for MapViewer 8 today! Click the File | Online | Check for Update command to update your version of MapViewer 8 to MapViewer 8.1.269! Changes include the addition of new coordinate systems (Magna-Sirgas Colombia Bogota Zone, Magna-Sirgas Colombia East Central Zone, Magna-Sirgas Colombia East Zone, Magna-Sirgas Colombia Far West Zone, and Magna-Sirgas Colombia West Zone) and many other updates! For a full list of changes made, please see our MapViewer Version Info page.

To purchase a new copy of MapViewer 8 or upgrade a previous version, please visit our shopping page.

If you aren't familiar with MapViewer, I would like to invite you to download the free demo version. The demo version does not have a time limit, so you're free to explore as long as you'd like! The cut, copy, save, print, and export functions are not available, but all other features are enabled for you to delve into with included sample files or data of your own!

Have questions about MapViewer? Email me at or contact us at!