Peter Hatherly is a longtime Golden Software user (Surfer, and Voxler) who has spent his career as a Geophysicist. Mainly working in coal and iron ore mining as a consultant and in research laboratories for both the government and University of Sydney where he was a Professor of Mining Geophysics.

After a successful career Peter has recently retired and is now pursuing his passion for geology through a new medium, writing a book. He decided to write on an area he has passionately explored recreationally as an outdoorsman and studied professionally as a geologist; the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

The Blue Mountains are located in New South Wales bordering Sydney and are a classified world heritage site. The range is a sedimentary plateau largely formed from sandstone, similar to that of the Grand Canyon in the southwest United States of America. The Blue Mountains however are characterized by dense eucalyptus forest and river valleys which guided the formation of the modern landscape.

Peter has long held the opinion that the geological history of this range could be taught in a more dynamic way, in both scientific and popular literature. Now with time on his hands, he is undertaking the task of writing a guide book that can reach a broader audience than the limited scientific community of academia.

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