Golden Software Introduces Surfer 13: Newest 3D Mapping Visualization Software!

For more than 20 years, Surfer mapping software has been used by representatives of nearly all industries to create stunning maps for use in reports, publications, research, and more. We're excited to present to you our newest version of Surfer: Surfer 13.

Just a few of the many new features available in Surfer 13 include adding graticules and grids to maps, adding a viewshed analysis layer to a grid-based map, querying base map objects on attributes, and managing attributes with the new attribute table. Click here to download the free Surfer 13 demo, and try the new features with data of your own or sample data included in Surfer 13's installation!

Click the green Upgrade Existing Products button on our shopping page to upgrade your previous version of Surfer to Surfer 13 for just $279USD!

In the coming weeks, I'll be highlighting some of the new features in Surfer 13. Stay tuned! Any questions, comments, or suggestions for Surfer 13 are welcome at

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