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Golden Software Presents a Workshop at the GIS in the Rockies Convention

Earlier last week, Golden Software presented two preconference workshops at the GIS in the Rockies annual convention in Denver. The workshops focused on using Surfer as an alternative solution to ESRI’s Spatial Analyst and Geostatistical Analyst extensions for ArcMap. The workshop, given by myself, went through a number of different workflows that can be performed in both Surfer and ArcMap, where there is an advantage to using Surfer. Whether the advantage is cost, processing speed, ease-of-use, or fewer clicks; we flexed Surfer’s muscle for a number of different workflows showing the crowd how easy it is to use Surfer as an alternative to these commonly used ArcMap extensions. The workshops, which were well attended, wowed the crowd with in-depth examples. All of the attendee’s left with some great knowledge about Surfer and a solutions manual so they could apply the workflows to future projects.

The workshops detailed using Surfer as an alternative to ArcMap for these workflows:

  • To create XY event layers and post maps.
  • To change projections.
  • Gridding data and creating raster datasets.
  • To extract portions of raster datasets.
  • To mosaic raster datasets together.
  • To convert grids and raster datasets from one format to another format.
  • To calculate volume between raster datasets.
  • To create profiles.
  • To calculate slope from a raster dataset to create a simple slope stability model.

The topics covered in the workshop are some of the same topics that are covered in our Surfer Core I and Surfer Core II training courses that are offered online, about once a quarter. We have just announced new sessions of both of the Core I training and Core II training courses in November. If you are interested in learning more about these workflows, becoming a Surfer expert, and learning everything else Surfer-related, I invite you to attend the training courses!

You can register for both the Surfer Core I and Core II training courses here. Hurry, the spots fill up fast!




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Tuesday, 07 February 2023

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