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Golden Software’s 10th Annual All Hands Meeting

The whole team!

Last weekend the entire Golden Software team descended upon our gorgeous (though cold and snowy) home base in Golden, Colorado for our annual All Hands Meeting. With half of our staff working from remote location across the US, this meeting gave us a chance to reconnect, for new faces to meet the experienced team members, and for us to discuss company strategy for both the previous year and the year to come.

For this year's meeting, part of our focus was on the big changes Golden Software has gone through recently, including the introduction of licensing and major new product features. We also looked at the direction we are heading as a company, and what efforts we can undertake to really provide what you, our users, are looking for in Golden Software products.

Some ideas we discussed were:

  • How we can best understand our customers and truly meet their needs.
  • What changes are in the works for our products over the coming years.
  • How we can improve our efficiency when assisting our customers who reach out to us needing support.

It's not all serious business of course! We also laughed a lot, played some games, and found out who missed their true calling in spaghetti engineering. On Saturday night, the team gathered with friends and family at the Golden Hotel for a lively night of food, drinks and non-work related conversations. 

I'm not sure that this marshmallow tower is structurally sound...

Overall, everyone thoroughly enjoyed this year's All Hands Meeting! It's an exciting weekend where all to come together, learn about our progress, and really connect with the people who put in so much time and effort to make Golden Software the fantastic company it is today.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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