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Grapher 11 New Feature: Linked Axes

Grapher 11 has a great new feature that allows you to link axes on a plot. This is especially useful when you want to display data on multiple scales. For example, you could display temperature axes on the same plot that represent different temperature scales (i.e. Fahrenheit and Celsius).

Below I have created a graph of the temperature in Golden, CO (where the GS office is located) for the month of July 2014. The graph has three plots displayed:

  1. Average High Temperature, July
  2. Measured High Temperature, July 2014
  3. Forecast High Temperature, July 2014

Though the data plotted is in Fahrenheit, I have added a Linked Axis to this graph which displays the temperature in Celsius (in green). 


Using this feature in Grapher 11 is very easy! You can add a new axis to your graph using the Graph | Add to Graph | Axis command. This will prompt you to create a new X Axis or Y Axis object. 

Once you have added a new axis to your plot, you can "link" that axis to an existing axis in your Graph. To do so, in the Object Manager select the axis that you would like to link (i.e. Y Axis 2). In the Property Manager, select the Link Axis tab. Here you can specify the Axes object that you want to link to, link the axis scaling, set the limits to link to the primary axis, or specify an equation which changes the second axis relative to the first axis. 

In this example, I linked the Y limits of the new axis using the equation to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius temperatures (i.e. C = (F-32)*(5/9)). Below I have shown where in the Property Manager | Link Axis tab you can specify the equation to create linked axes in this way:


I hope that the new Link Axis feature in Grapher 11 is helpful for you to create informative graphs of your data.

If you would like to learn more about Grapher 11, please visit the Grapher website:

If you would liketo test Grapher 11, you can download the Grapher demo to test out the new features and functionality. The new features in Grapher 11 include linked axes, new plot types, and much more!The Grapher 11 demo is fully functioning except the save, copy, print, and export commands have been disabled. To enable these commands, you can purchase a Grapher 11 license for just $489. Or you can upgrade an existing Grapher serial number for only $169. You can purchase the software using our secure online order form and select Download Delivery to receive download instructions within two business hours! 



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Tuesday, 07 February 2023

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