Happy 2018 Golden Software users! It's a fresh new year, and we have a fresh new version of Grapher to go along with it!

We've been very busy bees over the last few months, and Grapher 13 is loaded with new features to help you create publication-ready graphs in less time than ever! Our biggest highlights include true Piper plots and classed Piper plots (no more workarounds for you hydrologists!), a vastly improved Graph Wizard and user interface so creating beautiful images is a snap, and new fit curves and statistical analysis options – R and p-values, anyone?

Piper Plots & Classed Piper Plots
Display your rock, soil, or water chemistry data in a fully-customizable, easy-to-use and professional new graph type! You can update things like the displayed symbol, and have those changes propagate through all of the component plots. View your data as a simple piper plot, or group your data into classes. Users of these plots will be amazed at how easy it is to get everything looking just the way you want. Frequent users of these plots will be amazed at how much time they save – awesome!

Graphing your water chemistry data is easier than ever!

Improved Graph Wizard

The new and improved Graph Wizard allows you to preview and select the right data file, select the desired plot while customizing what portion of the data to use, and select a few visually appealing properties without being bogged down by all of the available options. These updates allow you to quickly and easily create a single- or multi-plot graph with pleasing defaults. Whether you're an old-hand at Grapher or using it for the first time, you'll appreciate how much simpler it is to create eye-catching plots with the Graph Wizard.

Making attractive graphs with the new and improved Graph Wizrd is a snap!

Redesigned User Interface

We've been contacted regularly by Grapher users in the past asking how to perform certain tasks, or to request functionality that already exists. It was clear to us that some parts of Grapher were not intuitive, or were difficult to figure out. Taking that feedback onboard, we've redesigned the entire Grapher user interface; grouping similar commands, rearranging the ribbon, resizing the managers, and updating the docking layout. We're confident that these changes will save you a lot of time and frustration!

The redesigned UI means more efficient workflows.

 New Fit Curves and Statistics

Now you can gain even more insight into your data with two new Grapher fit curves: LOESS and RMA. We've also added three new general fit curve statistics - p value, Pearson's R, and standard error of coefficients – so you can take your analysis to the next level!

Try one of the new fit curves or statistical analysis tools!

Other new features include:

  • Worksheet function updates
  • Multithreaded gridding 
  • Coordinates now in double precision inches
  • New import file types
  • Improved date/time handling
  • Rotate images
  • Color pie/donut plots and multi-line graphs with a colormap gradient
  • Complex line style support
  • All new defaults and colormaps

Users with active maintenance receive these new features free! Simply click File | Online | Check for Update to install the latest version and you're good to go. For anyone else wishing to experience the new release, download the two-week Grapher trial today.