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Grapher 15 Preview is here, with all new awesome features!

Fill between plots

Have you heard of Grapher Preview yet? Our Grapher team have been hard at work over the last few weeks with the release of Grapher 14 following six months of Grapher 14 Preview testing. As of last week, Grapher 15 is now available through the Preview program!

Here's just a few of the awesome new features that the Grapher development team are excited to offer you in Grapher 15 Preview:

New Math Plots

Create product plots, subtraction plots, average plots, and any other function-type plot you desire with the new-and-improved Math Plot! Previously only summation plots were available, so this is a huge increase in functionality.

Break Axis improvements

Grapher 15 Preview offers all new tools for customizing your axis break. Choose from different symbols to indicate the break on both the plot line and the axis itself. You can now choose to have your plot line stop at the axis break rather than being continuous.

Fit Curve improvements

You can now add fit curves to class scatter plots either by class, or by the whole dataset! Add fits to downhole data using X=F(Y) fit equations!

…and many more!

Are you interested in joining the Preview track so you always have the advanced scoop on upcoming features? If you have a Grapher license with active maintenance, all you need to do is download and install the Preview build from your My Account portal. If you have an older license, upgrade now to access these great new tools! For more details on how to access Grapher 15 Preview, please refer to this article here: How Can I Participate In Grapher's Preview Track?

If you would like to see some of the Grapher 14 features in action, check out this webinar from Grapher Product Manager, Leslie McWhirter: What's New In Grapher V14



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Monday, 26 August 2019

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