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Grapher 16 is now available for free with active maintenance


The Grapher team have been hard at work over the last few months, and we're happy to bring you the new release of Grapher 16! The latest version has a ton of new features to help you create beautiful, publication-ready graphs in no time at all!

Here's just a few of the awesome new features that the Grapher development team are excited to offer you in Grapher 16:

Visualize your data more effectively with the new Colormap Editor

You may have seen this new tool in Surfer, and now it's available in Grapher too! Leverage the powerful new Colormap Editor for flexible customization of the display of your data. New colormap presets better fit your data, and separated color mapping and opacity mapping allows more control over the graphic displays. Change the colormap stretch to Evenly distribute (equal spacing between nodes) or Equalize (a.k.a. equal area stretch, nodes are placed so that the same amount of data is between each node pair) to easily highlight small variations in your maps. Scale by log or linear, and easily create, save and modify your own custom colormaps.

Assign a color gradient to multiple plots

You can now group-edit multi-plot graphs to assign a color gradient, allowing for easy differentiation of the individual plots with minimal effort. If you have multiple line plots in a graph, you can assign each plot a unique color all at once using one of the new preset colormaps. If you frequently use multi-line plots, this new feature will save you a great deal of time. Just select the graph and click Graph Tools | Plot Tools | Change Colors to use this handy new tool.

Share grid lines across multiple axes

Easily draw correlations between multiple plots on the same graph with shared grid lines. If you have multiple plots in a single graph that share one axis, and have unique axes for the other variable, you can display grid lines on the shared axis and have them extend over the other, individual axes. Simply check the Share grid lines checkbox after turning on grid lines to share them with all other intersecting axes on the same graph.

See these other great features in this release:

  • Add symbols to bar charts at axis breaks
  • Add legends when using color tables or symbol tables
  • Add color scale bars to scatter plots with gradient-colored symbols
  • Enhanced file sharing functionality
  • Color line plots from beginning to end based on a gradient colormap
  • Display line plot labels angled to the plot line
  • Display plot names on line plots
  • Fill between connected error bars

Find out more about these new features here: What's New in Grapher?

Active maintenance users receive these new features for free! Simply click File | Online | Check for Update from within Grapher to update to Grapher 16. If your maintenance has expired, renew your maintenance to gain access to these new Grapher features today. Instructions for renewing maintenance can be found here: Renew software maintenance

For anyone else wishing to experience the new release, download the free two-week Grapher trial today.


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Thursday, 22 October 2020

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