Over the years, Piper plots have become one of the most requested new plot types for Grapher. If you're one of our many users that have been looking forward to this new plot type, your wait is over! Grapher's new Piper plots make it easier than ever to display water, soil, and rock chemistry data in a clear and visually appealing graphs.

Use a Piper plot to display uniform data or highlight important aspects of your data using a Piper class scatter plot:

Grapher 13 Piper class scatter plot showing water chemistry data from perambular taluk classified by the total dissolved solids for each sample.
Grapher 13 Piper plot illustrating changes in water chemistry over time for Secret Valley Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.
Nymph Lake hillside spring water chemistry visualized using a Grapher 13 Piper class scatter plot.
As illustrated above, Grapher's new Piper plots can easily create publication quality graphs of hydrogeochemical and water chemistry data. For more information about this new plot type and the many other new features of Grapher 13, visit our support portal and check out the training videos and webinars below.