Happy Holidays from Golden Software!

A number of holidays, religious and secular alike, are celebrated through the winter months all around the world. To celebrate the holiday season, I've created a symbol from three of the most popular winter holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. I used a combination of graph types from Grapher 11 to create a Christmas tree, a menorah for Hanukkah, and a kinara with Mishumaa Saba, a candle holder with seven candles, for Kwanzaa. You can click here to download the projects and take a closer look at the graphs used to create each image!


Menorah, created from polygons, function plots, line/scatter plots, and a floating bar chart


No matter what you're celebrating this holiday season...


Kinara and Mishumaa Saba, created with a function plot, floating bar chart, and line/scatter plots


Happy Holidays from Golden Software!



Christmas tree, created with a bubble plot, line/scatter plots, and function plots


To celebrate the holidays, Golden Software will be closed Thursday, December 25th, Friday, December 26th, and Thursday, January 1st. All other days we will be open for regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM (MST).