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How to choose the software package that best meets your visualization needs

Oftentimes I get asked what program a user should purchase to display his or her geochemical data, geophysical data, or other industry-specific data type. The answer I give is that it's less about the type of data you have, than how the data is formatted, and what output you'd like to get from it. To that end, I've created the following flow chart to help you make this decision.

If your input is a paper copy of a map or graph:

If your input is data in a digital format:

After narrowing your decision down to one or two products, you can download the free trial and navigate through our many technical support resources to really get a feel for the program and make a final decision about whether it will meet your needs. Available resources include:

Did we catch your interest with this post? Keep an eye on our upcoming webinars; we'll have one this summer that will cover an introduction of each product and go over a common workflow in each, which will hopefully aid in your decision of what product to use.



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Tuesday, 07 February 2023

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