Mapping Challenge: Use Golden Software's Mapping Software to Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

I ran across a recent mapping challenge while perusing's GIS community, and I wanted to extend the challenge to Golden Software users! This challenge asks users to submit a map that would help someone survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. The challenger also requests steps used to create the map. The challenge is presented as a fun way to help others learn mapping software.

Golden Software documentation writer Zach whipped up a submission today. His map was created using a combination of MapViewer 8 and the eagerly anticipated Surfer 13! Zach's map uses real city population density data from the Colorado Front Range presented as a proportionally-sized post layer, his own calculated zombie population data displayed as an image layer, a base layer downloaded from an online server, and a contour layer created from manipulated data from a grid downloaded from an online server (a new Surfer 13 feature). Stay tuned for future blog post detailing how to recreate this map!

Create a map using any one or any combination of Golden Software products, and submit it directly to Golden Software for a chance to have it featured in a future blog post and on our social media pages! Don't forget to include the steps you used to create the map.

The rules are pretty lax for this r/gis challenge. There's no stipulation on the data used or what the map contains. The rules are linked above, and I've repeated the text below:

I see a lot of people who are curious how certain people put together technologies to make a Map. So for fun and for learning I issue to r/gis the first ever r/gis Challenge. There is no right answer so everyone should be encouraged to try. A good answer should include steps on how you completed the challenge that others could follow! Also don't steal someone else's work!

The challenge is to make a map that helps someone in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

To submit an entry simply start a new post on r/gis with "Zombies Guide Map" at the end of the title.

Remember there is no right answer! Comments and questions on submitted answers are encouraged, but please do not:

Remember this is for fun and learning!

I'm excited to see your creations! Happy mapping, and have a fun and safe 4th of July!

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