Download image layers from unlimited online Web Mapping Services. In combination with the new 64-bit installation option, you can download really amazing-looking hi-res imagery like this:


To do so:

  1. Go to Image | Download Online Maps.
  2. Select your data source at the top of the Download Online Maps dialog. I'm going to select Worldwide Data | World Mineral Deposits | Generalized Geology of the World: Age and Rock Type Domains (see red outline below).
  3. Select Area to Download via Lat/Lon extents, distance from a Lat/Lon centroid, entire data source extents, or current map extents (this last option is only available if you already have a map started in Didger that you're adding this image to). I'm going to toggle Within __ Kilometers of Latitude __ Longitude __. I want my map to include most of North America, so I will type 3500 into the first box, 44 into the second, and -100 into the third (see blue outline below).
  4. Select Image Resolution to Download using the slider. I'm going to choose 1 : 721 K (see green outline below).  b2ap3_thumbnail_dialog.png
  5. Click OK. A Downloading Map dialog pops up with a progress indicator. This will stay up until the map is downloaded, which may take awhile if your resolution is high and your map extents are large.


Now you have a great-looking hi-res image that has either been added to your map or that you can build a map on.